Important Letter from Elders:

For further information on services whilst our church is temporarily closed due to coronavirus, please read the  letter  from  the Elders below and then follow the link to the website for Lord Street West church.

A letter from the elders to church members

 Dear Friends,

Church services and the corona virus

The Elders hope that this letter finds you in good health.   If you are on your own (through staying in as advised, or having to “self-isolate”) but, you are in need of support, please let your elder or me know and we shall see what can be done.

We want you to know that we have reluctantly taken the decision to suspend morning service and other church activities at St George’s until further notice in the light of government strong advice and the advice from all the main church denominations including our own.   All our Team Churches have taken the same decision.

 If you have access to the internet, please keep in touch by going on our website.   For example Revd Peter Lyth and Janice Atfield are preparing worship resources and details hopefully can be found there or on Lord Street West’s website at  

 Also the United Reformed Church is offering offer Sunday services via its Daily Devotions email list.   From this Sunday they will send out, at 10am, a service in both written and audio format.   This will have the feel of a service on the radio in our style with well-known URC people leading worship.   There will be prayers and hymns to join in with as we pray together.   Therefore, anyone at St George’s who has email and would like to avail themselves of this form of worship may sign up to receive the Devotions Emails.   You simply need to go to

If anyone does not have internet access but would like to join these services, please let me know and I will see if anything can be arranged.  

 Because the church is closed and members will not be out so much I have locked the church gates to prevent unlawful parking in the church grounds which is becoming an increasing problem.   I apologise for the inconvenience if you do need to park your car in the grounds.   Please remember to lock the gates again whilst you shop and of courselock them when you leave.

I’m afraid that I have to raise the unpleasant subject of money.   The commitments of the church continue and our personal giving to our local church is an expression of our discipleship.   This income is vital to the Church locally and nationally, and to all the work that we do together in Christ’s name.   However, there may be some of us who will suffer financial hardship as a consequence of this crisis and, clearly, we would understand if they have to reduce or suspend their giving whilst their hardship continues.   The elders ask that we all prayerfully consider our giving.

 There are some practical ways in which we can try to maintain this vital income:

·       If you are not already doing so, you might use standing orders or bank transfers.   The church’s bank is RBS, 269 Lord Street, Southport, PR8 1PH.   The sort code is 16-32-10 and the account number is 13797707.

·       On the other hand, most of us have free-will offering envelopes.   If you continue to set aside your weekly offerings this will help enormously.   You could bring your envelopes when we meet again for worship or you might contact me and I will make arrangements to collect this money and get it into the bank.

May God be with you and yours in these uncertain times.   And please remember that if you need help or someone to talk to, please get in touch.   You are not alone.

 Best wishes,

Neil M. Mackenzie